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Cardiff University Graduation Dinner, 18th July - RMS Consultancy

Cardiff University Graduation Dinner, 18th July

30 . 08 . 18

In the foyer of the uniquely modern, and strikingly impressive, Haydn Ellis Building, I joined the 2018 Honorary Fellows during Cardiff University’s Graduation week.  It was fitting that the event was held in a University Building named after a former Deputy Vice-Chancellor whose professional life was marked with principles of “integrity, loyalty and courtesy” (Cardiff University Obituary 2006).  The building houses the European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute, and Neuroscience and Mental Health Research Institutes.  As with all previous Fellows, the 2018 Fellows epitomised the professional principles adopted by the late Haydn Ellis, in each of their individual disciplines, and it was a pleasure to join them to celebrate their achievements in such a tangible way. 

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