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The following are just a sample of the reviews for Four Fingers and Thirteen Toes:

“I picked up Rosie’s book one evening at 7pm and finished it at 3am early the next morning. I could not put it down. It’s a compelling story about a woman’s (and her family’s) courage, strength and determination in overcoming discrimination. The book is a clever mix of reminiscence, (at times amusing and others moving), factual information about the emergence and use of Thalidomide and vignettes from Rosie’s life. ‘Four Fingers and Thirteen Toes’ is inspirational and informative. Everyone should read this book.” 

“Rosie has done a great job here, allowing the reader a peek into her life, and giving a lot of information about Thalidomide (and its return!) along the way.”

“Read this book when I got to hear about the new revised edition. Thought the additional photographs were great. The epilogue was really surprising. It brought the story right back to where it started. I won’t say any more, but this new edition is a MUST to read.”

“An insight into a loving, caring family who do not believe in defeat.  A must read for any compassionate person.”

“I couldn’t put this down! A truly inspirational book – funny, poignant and occasionally dramatic, yet it is never maudlin or over-sentimental. Highly recommended. If you only read one book a year then make sure you buy this one!”


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