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14 . 07 . 12

I am delighted to tell you that I was commissioned to present four programmes for BBC Radio Wales called ‘Rosie’s world’.

Starting on Saturday 28th July 2012, the scheduled dates on which they will be aired, and brief details about each programme are as follows:-

Rosie’s World 28th July at 13:04 [Repeated 29/07 at 17:03 ONLY ON FM]  BBC Radio Wales.
Programme 1: Pregnancy and childbirth. When Rosie was born in 1960, the birthing team went into shock. Advice was to take the limbless baby away and for Mum to pretend it hadn’t happened. Do today’s parents face the same dilemma?

Rosie’s World 4th Aug at 13:04 [Repeated 05/08 at 17:03 ONLY ON FM]  BBC Radio Wales.
Programme 2: What faces parents of babies born with impairments when they and their little bundle leave the security and care of the maternity unit? And can there really be 100 ways for a child to amuse itself with a prosthetic limb?

NB Rosie’s World 11th Aug at 13:04 [Repeated 12/08 at 17:03 ONLY ON FM]  BBC Radio Wales.
Programme 3: It wasn’t until 1970 that disabled people had a right to any form of education, and it took another thirty-two years before they were given the right to be educated in mainstream schools. Rosie compares her generation’s education chances with those of today’s generation.

Rosie’s World 18th Aug at 13:04 [Repeated 19/08 at 17:03 ONLY ON FM]  BBC Radio Wales.
Programme 4: To stare or not to stare. Children ask the most honest questions, but embarrassed parents often scold them for having done so. Rosie talks to those, with and without impairments, about how society is still struggling to cope with people who look different. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01m2b78

I genuinely hope that as many of you as possible get a chance to listen to them and please feedback your comments to both myself and BBC Radio Wales. The programmes are amazing (even if I say so myself), particularly due to the fact that all of the people I interviewed were, open, honest, articulate, revealing, fascinating, moving, passionate, emotive, funny and wonderful. All of them were stars. But listen out for Sarah, Evie and Andrew who steal all four shows!


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