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Stylus wands for Disabled People with hand/arm dexterity difficulties or restrictions. - RMS Consultancy

Stylus wands for Disabled People with hand/arm dexterity difficulties or restrictions.

14 . 07 . 11

I have been meaning to post this information on my news page since November 2010!

I have two fingers protruding from each shoulder.  I can use a computer by using two sticks (very much like drumsticks), a very small mouse with the trackball on top and voice activated software (DragonDictate Naturally Speaking).

However, technology has moved on at a rapid pace.  I fancied the idea of purchasing an iPad or an iPhone, but I could not successfully move the screen around or activate things on the screen by using finger touch.  Consequently I had been searching high and low for a stylus or wand.

Eventually, I came across this website — www.beststylus.com  — advertising various stylus wands.

The company is called Stylus-R-Us.  I had a look at the company’s YouTube demonstrations of their various stylus and wands. I then  contacted the company with a couple of questions and suggestions. For example, how much or how little pressure did I need to apply? Did they have a cap to cover and protect the little furry pad at the end? I suggested that it would be great if they could invent a stylus that you could extend and retract. This would make the long version of the stylus much more portable.

In answer to my questions, “very little pressure at all”. “There were too many technical problems with regards to caps for the styluses, but they were working on it”. And with regards to a telescopic stylus, “… again – multiple problems – namely no one wants to buy what we’d have to charge for such a thing and we think the audience would be very small”.

They kindly sent me two of their 12 inch styluses, to test drive and see if they worked.

I borrowed my husband’s iPhone to practice on, and I have to say that, I am very impressed with the styluses.  For me personally they are just the right length, and I hardly have to put any pressure at all.  By using the two styluses at the same time I am even able to make the picture bigger and smaller on the screen.

I would recommend these styluses to many of my disabled friends, particularly those with arm dexterity restrictions.

And finally, I have just discovered that the company now have four telescopic styluses of which the lightest and longest one is the ‘New Yorker’.  I will definitely be purchasing a couple of these.

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