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Art, Inspirational & Media

For many years, RMS has been evolving and advocating absolute equality for Disabled People by promoting the Social Model of Disability.

Currently, our work promotes Equality, Inclusion, Diversity and Citizenship through the medium of Art, Inspirational Speaking and Media Work.

Books & Publications
Four Fingers and Thirteen Toes

Rosaleen is the only Thalidomide Impaired person to have written her autobiography, interspersed with a definitive factual history of the drug Thalidomide from its early years of manufacture in Nazi Germany, to now.


@RosieMS #Manchester look for the good in others; speak only words of kindness; walk with the knowledge that you are never alone. #ManchesterBombing

@RosieMS The world has fallen off its axis. I fail to comprehend why a young man born & raised in the UK would purposefully target other youngsters!